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exchanged stick

Please submit the new receipt for the exchanged stick under the manufacturer's warranty.

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How to

Register your warranty

Please complete all fields on the registration form, ensuring you include the following examples of pictures:
  1. The entire receipt, clearly displaying proof of purchase of Zippy's Extended Warranty along with the stick's serial number. If the serial number is not on the receipt, include a picture of the full stick showing the serial number prominently.
  2. All photos should be in standard file size; photos in Live Mode will not process.
Once the registration is submitted, a pop-up will appear confirming successful submission. If no pop-up appears, it indicates a missing field in your form. Zippy's will email you a confirmation of your approved registration within 48 hours of review.
Note: If your stick breaks within the Zippy's Warranty period, all claims must be submitted on our website and not in-store. Claims must be submitted before the end of the warranty period to be accepted.
How to

Process an exchanged Manufacturer's warrantied stick

If your original stick broke under the manufacturer's warranty, Zippy's warranty will be transferred to the new exchanged stick, and coverage will commence at the time of replacement. To transfer your coverage to the new exchanged stick, please provide proof of purchase exchange with the old stick and the new stick's serial numbers. Additionally, a picture of the new stick is required. Please note that a new warranty activation code does not need to be provided; the last activation code will transfer over automatically.
How to

Submit a Claim

Submitting a claim is convenient and can be done from any computer or cell phone. Please ensure all required fields are filled out and attach photos that clearly show both the serial number and the break in the same image. Please note that it may take up to 48 hours from approval. If you do not hear from us within those 48 hours, it means your claim did not get submitted properly. In that case, please contact us or submit a new claim.